Bring Pine Media to Your Community

It's Possible !

Pine Media have already brought super-fast broadband to communities that thought they would be waiting years for BT to enable their local exchange and street cabinets. Additional benefits were improved phones services through VoIP connectivity and the ability for businesses to exist and compete without having to move to a super-fast broadband  area. Phone us on 01144 031 031 to discuss your community with us.

How Much Will it Cost and How Long Will it Take ?

That’s never an easy question to answer however some communities have needed zero funding to make it worth us putting broadband in for them. Some communities have crowd-funded for an amount and some have got grants from the council to make it happen. We have enabled communities with as few as 15 homes so it doesn’t always have to be a large scale deployment to make the number work.

Timescales are also dependent on a number of factors such as geographic size and topology of your area, connectivity options in neighbouring areas and not least, our ability to erect or dig where we need to. We have provisioned communities in a few weeks before.

Phone us on 01144 031 031 to discuss your community with us.

What's the Process ?

It normally starts with a phone-call from a community leader to us so we can gauge initial viability, we then carry out remote surveys using ducting maps, elevation topologies and aerial views to gauge which technology might fit best as a solution.

There’s often a technology that is apparent fairly quickly. We’ve put fibre in the ground, used wireless towers and also used existing copper wires to deliver our broadband service. Our service that can often rival BT’s FTTC and often surpass it, especially if we can get connectivity to somewhere near your location at a sensible price.

From there it’s a visit to meet the community and further surveys on-the-ground and in-the-air with our drones to map the possibilities. We would normally hold a public forum and set up dedicated areas on our website to answer questions and track customer interest and if everything is viable then we start to build. Once that process has started then we’re there, broadband will be coming to your community!

Phone us on 01144 031 031 to discuss your community with us.

Speak to us

We’re always positive about new areas throughout the country and there’s normally a solution, please phone us on 01144 031 031 and we’ll see what we can do for your community.