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the fastest, full fibre broadband in the UK.

What can I get?

Ultra Fast

The UK’s Fastest Residential Broadband with Speeds of up to 1Gb/s


Truly Unlimited Data Usage, No Hidden Fair Usage Policy.

UK Support

100% UK Based Telephone and Email Support

Fastest internet in the UK

How is full fibre different?

Fastest speeds in the UK

As one of only a handful of ISPs providing UK homes and businesses with full fibre internet, Pine Media is helping lead the ‘fibre revolution’ delivering blazingly fast speeds of up to 1,000 megabits per second. That’s over 60.7 times faster than the UK average! 

Upload as fast as you download

Most of our plans offer symmetrical speeds, this means identical speeds up and down. In comparison, most other UK ISPs offer upload speeds that are only a fraction of the download speeds. Faster uploads make uploading videos, working in the cloud and general browsing as snappy as it can be. 

Future proof

Unlike the traditional copper phone lines (which were never intended to deliver broadband), full fibre is purpose built to support the fastest speeds available today. As speeds inevitably increase in the future, only fibre will support them. 

Pine Media services

Our technologies


Optical Fibre
  • Next Generation, Full Fibre Broadband
  • 1Gb Download & Upload
  • Truly Unlimited Data Usage
  • 12 Hour Target Fix Time (Shorter for Business)
  • No BT Landline (line rental) Required

Air Fibre

Fixed Wireless
  • Fibre Fast Speeds, Delivered Wirelessly
  • Up To 300Mb Download & Upload
  • Truly Unlimited Data Usage
  • 12 Hour Target Fix Time (Shorter for Business)
  • No BT landline (line rental) required

Gigabit voucher Scheme

Connect for free!

Connecting businesses

We are a supplier of the Government’s Gigabit voucher scheme which gives us up to £3,000 towards the cost of connecting your business to our Gigabit network.


The Government is committed to ensuring UK businesses are not held back by the limitations of traditional broadband speeds. They view full fibre as the only future-proofed infrastructure, and are investing in its rollout. You don’t need to subscribe to a full Gigabit, so you can start with just 50Mb/s but the capacity is there should you need it in the future.

Gigabit Voucher Scheme

Connect for free!


Residential fibre

We provide both full fibre and Air Fibre solutions to residents across Sheffield, Manchester and Leeds.


Business internet

Standard fibre (FTTP) from £38pm | Shared and dedicated leased lines from £156pm | Flexible contract terms | Installation from 7 days. 



Serviced apartments | Build to rent | Commercial multi tenant | Student housing.

Who uses our fibre?

Our business customers

What can I get?