Gigabit, for the absolute fastest home broadband.

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    Cloud Life

    Instantly upload and download giant files

    No Copper, All Fibre

    We don’t use outdated BT copper phonelines

    What's Buffering?

    Say goodbye to buffering, even on 8k content! 

    Fully UK-Based Support

    All of our support lines are based in Sheffield!

    No Limits

    Download your entire steam library, because why not?

    Cut the Cord

    No line rental, no overpriced TV plans, just really, really fast internet.

    What is “FTTP”?

    FTTP simply means, “Fibre to the premises”; fibre all the way from the exchange to your door. This means you can receive data at the speed of light, all the way into your device. 

    Less than 10% of the UK population has access to this cutting edge technology…we’re changing that.  


    1,000Mbps (if you want)

    With Gigabit Broadband, you can send and receive 1,000Mbps!

    Before you decide to go down the route of ordering our (very competitively priced) 1,000Mbps plan, ask yourself “Do I really even need broadband this fast?”. We’d generally say no, but if you’re a power user, early adopter or simply like to brag about having really-really fast internet, you’re in for a treat!

    Full Fibre Pricing

    Gigabit Fibre. Simple. FAST.

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