Sheffield MDU Services

Connect your building to our ultra-fast network

Our network supplies hundreds of Sheffield students and residents with fast, reliable and low cost full-fibre connections. 

Building Managers

Connect your residents

£0 installation fee

Freeholders, developers and property managers can rest easy knowing there are zero costs involved for our installation.

Simply put, our fibre network will increase the value of your properties for free

Ready from day one

Tenants internet will be set up before they even move in.

Additionally, they have the freedom to upgrade and downgrade their connections at any time, all the the way up to 1Gbs.

Future Proofed

With our future proofed full-fibre network, you won’t even need to consider upgrading for a few decades at the minumum.


How to get your flat connected

Register your interest and we’ll get in touch with whoever’s in charge of your building so we can form an agreement to have you connected to our network.

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