Ultra Fast!

The UK’s fastest residential speeds (1Gb/s).

UK Support

100% UK telephone and email support.


Truly Unlimited data usage as standard.


Ultra low pings.

"Freeing you from the limitations of slow copper phone lines."

Fibre Optic

The majority of our customers connect to our new fibre optic network through underground ducting which is likely to already run past your home or business.

Live in a block of flats or student halls? We may already be in your building! Check your postcode to find out more.

1Gb Downloads

1Gb Uploads

Sub 25ms Pings

Unlimited Data

From £28pm

Air Fibre

Super-fast, ultra reliable

In some areas we have invested in Air-Fibre. This delivers the same fibre service but over the air, still with no usage limits or need for a traditional phone line!

300Mb Downloads

300Mb Uploads

Sub 20ms Pings

Unlimited Data

From £28pm

£28 pm

20 Mb

Installation from FREE!

10 Mb Upload

£45 pm

80 Mb

Installation from FREE!

30 Mb Upload

£65 pm

150 Mb

Installation from FREE!

50 Mb Upload

Home Broadband

Up to 1 Gb/s speeds, unlimited usage and no line rental!

Business or Landlord?

Up to 1Gb/s (download & upload) & FREE installation (subject to survey). 

Phone Service

Want to keep a landline number? Switch to us, unlimited calls from £10pm!

Trial our service at any of the locations below


The Bradfield Brewery, High Bradfield

The Nags Head, Loxley

The Plough, Low Bradfield

The Old Horns, High Bradfield

The Crown & Glove, Stannington

The Loxley Driving Range

The Royal Hotel, Dungworth

The Blue Ball, Worrall


Dominion Estate, Balby


George & Dragon, Wentworth

Wales Bar:

Vector 31 & Waleswood Hotspot


The Elm Tree, Elmton, S80 4LS

Hope Valley

Yorkshire Bridge Inn, Bamford


Mansfield Hosiery Mills Sports & Social Club, NG17 2TF


Public Hot-Spot, Woodhouse Gardens, Ruddington, NG11 6BF


The Blacksmiths Arms, Cudham TN14 7QB (coming soon)