Ultra Fast!

The UK’s fastest residential speeds (1Gb/s).

UK Support

100% UK telephone and email support.


Truly Unlimited data usage as standard.


Ultra low pings.

Connect to our ultra fast fibre network for unlimited, future proofed speeds of 300Mb/s to 1Gb/s!

Our optical (FTTP) and Air Fibre network are entirely independent of BT, and are expanding daily.


  • Residential
  • Business
  • Enterprise & Multi Tenant Buildings
  • Student & Multi Tenant Residential

1Gb Downloads

1Gb Uploads

Sub 25ms Pings

Unlimited Data

From £28pm

Why Choose Pine Media vs Traditional 'Fibre'?

Pine Media
  • Available on All Services We Offer:
  • Guaranteed Speeds – Full Fat Ethernet To Your Door
  • 12 Hour Target Fix Time (Shorter for Business)
  • 99% Uptime Guarantee (Refund & No Hold To Contract If Missed)
  • One Direct ‘Hop’ Between You and Our Core Network
  • Ultra Low Contention from 10:1
  • Zero Line Rental
  • Guaranteed Sub 25ms Latency
  • Maximum 1Gb/s Upload Speed

BT & Virgin
  • BT FTTC (Infinity, Sky Fibre etc) and Virgin Coax Connections
  • ‘Up To’ Speeds Limited By Distance From Fibre Cabinet
  • Two Working Day Target Fix
  • No Formal Uptime Guarantee
  • Traditional Cabling Susceptible to Interference & Damage
  • Unpublished Contention Ratios
  • Line Rental of up to £19pm
  • No Latency Guarantee (typically 25ms+)
  • Maximum 20Mb/s Upload Speed

Cudham Hall, Kent 

Private Flats Connected To Our 300Mb/s Service.

Croft Buildings, Sheffield S1

Student Flats With Individual Private Connections Delivering 1Gb/s

Old Horns, Bradfield S6

‘The Fastest Pub in Bradfield’ Using Our 100Mb/s Air-Fibre.

Home Broadband

Up to 1 Gb/s Speeds, Unlimited Usage And No Line Rental!

Business or Landlord?

Up to 1Gb/s Download & Upload & FREE Installation (subject to survey). 

Phone Service

Want To Keep A Landline & Number? Unlimited Calls For £10pm!

Try our service at any of the locations below


The Bradfield Brewery, High Bradfield

The Nags Head, Loxley

The Plough, Low Bradfield

The Old Horns, High Bradfield

The Crown & Glove, Stannington

The Loxley Driving Range

The Royal Hotel, Dungworth

The Blue Ball, Worrall


Dominion Estate, Balby


George & Dragon, Wentworth

Wales Bar:

Vector 31 & Waleswood Hotspot


The Elm Tree, Elmton, S80 4LS

Hope Valley

Yorkshire Bridge Inn, Bamford


Mansfield Hosiery Mills Sports & Social Club, NG17 2TF


Public Hot-Spot, Woodhouse Gardens, Ruddington, NG11 6BF


The Blacksmiths Arms, Cudham TN14 7QB (coming soon)

Our Clients Include: